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Coach Registration

Coaching Requirements

Coaching Requirements for new season - Applies to ALL Coaches

Required Documentation Prior to Putting a Coach on any Team Roster:

  1. USA Hockey registration

  2. CAHA Background check / registration

  3. Safesport Moduel (renewed every two years)

  4. Concussion Training (renewed every year)

  5. CEP certification ( must be done by Dec 31st of current year)

  6. Age Specific Modules

Note: No coach will be aloud on the ice or behind the bench tell the top 3 requirements have been accomplished.

​​​​​​​REGISTRARS – When you submit team rosters to the appropriate Affiliate Registrar (Susan Cardasis or Anda Craven), you must include the following statement will each submission:

“I certify that our association has on file (electronic and/or hard copy) a copy of the USAH Registration, CAHA Online Registration, Athletic Concussion Training Certificate and SafeSport Training Certificate for each coach on the team roster(s) being submitted.”

Ineligible Coaches/Association/Independent Team Responsibilities – Any coach (head or assistant) that is placed on a team roster (any team roster)that has not completed the USAH Registration, CAHA Online Registration and the Concussion Training (all three) is considered ineligible and the applicable Association/Independent Team is subject to a $1,000. The responsibility of ensuring that all coaches meet the registration requirement lies solely with the appropriate Association/Independent Team.

Coaching Requirements

USA Hockey Registration - All coaches must register with USA Hockey for the new season. The link for the USA Hockey Registration online registration can found on the USA Hockey website at USA Hockey provides the capability for coaches to obtain a copy of their USAH registration. Coaches need their USAH Number to register with CAHA.

CAHA Online Registration – Coaches must register with USA Hockey first as they need their current USAH Number to register properly with CAHA. All coaches must register with CAHA for the new season. The CAHA online registration can be found on the CAHA website at CAHA processes the required background checks based on the information provided during the online registrations. Only the coach should process the CAHA Online registration as it their responsibility to certify the background check approval. Coaches must ensure the information is correct. The online registration program provides the capability for coaches to obtain a copy of their CAHA registration.

Concussion Training/Certificate - On March 29, 2011, Colorado Governor Hickenlooper signed in to law ‘Jake Snakenberg Youth Sports Concussion Act’ making Colorado one of the dozen or so states to enact legislation. The bill requires that coaches receive education about concussion, that a student athlete is removed from the field of play if a concussion is suspected and that the student be signed off by a healthcare professional before returning to play. CAHA implemented the training requirement with the start of the 2011-2012 season.

This training is mandated by Colorado State Law. The links below are to entities that offer free online concession training. These are NOT CAHA programs, they are simply a link to obtain the required training. Coaches may take any Concession Training that meets the Colorado State Law mandated training. If the links below do not can find free concession training opportunities by searching for ‘Online Concussion Training’ on the web.

SafeSport Training/Certificate – All coaches must complete a semi-annual training of the SafeSport system.  A free online module is available from the following link:

As well as all of the above, all coaches must complete their Level 1 coaching certification and the appropriate age module at USA Hockey by Dec 31st of the current hockey season.

Here is the link to register with USA Hockey ($40):

Once you are registered there you can then proceed to the CAHA website to register (free):

The CDC concussion training course is located here but there are others to choose from (free):

CAHA participates in the SafeSport program.  This program sets guidelines to help prevent the abuse and exploitation of athletes.  It is a set of guidelines that are designed to help make the associations safer and to protect the players and coaches.  Please browse the guidelines at the following link:

SafeSport can be conducted by following the link in USA Hockey (if you have previously completed this course you must complete the refresher every two years– also on the same site)

Finally once you have completed everything, submit your certificates to your team manager and the registrar, only then can you be on the roster as a coach.  Finally, you must complete the age specific modules (before Dec 31st) for the team you are coaching ($10).  The age modules are currently good for life and thus only need to be completed once.

Once you have completed these items you must also ensure that your coaching certificate is valid. Coaches are required to obtain at least a level 1 certifcation.  USAH requires that coaches advance their certificate each season until reaching a level 3.  If you have a level 3 you are required to conduct a semi-annual refresher course online.  The available classes can be found here:

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2016-2017 Season

Susan Cardasis

Associate Registrar (Non-Voting)

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Anda Craven

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