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Pre-Season reminder for ALL CAHA Members

By CAHA, 08/21/14, 07:30PM MDT


Playing non USA Hockey teams or events


Pre-Season reminder for ALL CAHA Members 

All CAHA member teams are only permitted to play other USA Hockey member teams in good standing in any USA Hockey sanctioned event.  If any USA Hockey registered team wishes to play teams that are not USA Hockey registered, (AAU for example) they may do so under the following conditions:  

  • The team must form an alternate legal entity.  They may organize the team under this alternate entity (Associations or teams that wish to play an AAU team would be an example of having to form an alternate legal entity; they would not be considered a USA Hockey Registered Team or a CAHA Member Association and/or Team)
  • The alternate entity may play non USA Hockey sanctioned events and games and must play in jerseys using team colors and names substantially different than the USA Hockey member team jerseys
  • The games must be officiated by non USA Hockey officials

If a USA Hockey member team plays in a non USA Hockey sanctioned event or a non USA Hockey sanctioned team, the USA Hockey team is subject to fines and other sanctions for each game played against a non USA Hockey team or USA Hockey sanctioned event.

Please see the CAHA Website a list of CAHA Member Leagues, Associations, and Independent Teams. 

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